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  • Spanish inheritance made easy

    Spanish inheritance made easy

    At Ábaco we do understand how difficult it can be when it comes to sorting out inheritance matters. Our new free inheritance consultation service is designed to help inheritors of property in Spain after a bereavement. You can speak to a specialist in inheritance in your native language and receive clear advice about what the next steps should be.

  • Four steps to managing your Spanish inheritance

    Four steps to managing your Spanish inheritance

    You have enough to cope with when someone close to you dies without adding the additional complications that come with managing Spanish inheritance. You need someone you can trust who knows how the process works to organise things for you. In this article we suggest four steps you might take if Spanish property has been left to you. 

  • Changing your will

    Changing your will

    You cannot easily change your will in Spain. Each will is registered in Madrid and any new instructions require a new will to be made. This does have advantages, as there should be no confusion about when the last will was made or who has it. 

  • Abandoned property

    Abandoned property

    Some properties in Spain have been abandoned because of issues linked to inheritance. The Spanish inheritance procedure is complicated and the requirement to pay Spanish inheritance tax can make the transfer of property more difficult. Making a Spanish will can help inheritors in the long run.   

  • Inheritors at different levels

    Inheritors at different levels

    In Spain there are different levels of allowance you can receive before inheritance tax must be paid. The allowance is dependent upon the inheritor’s relationship to the deceased. This article provides information about the different inheritance groups.

  • Inheritance claims and power of attorney

    Inheritance claims and power of attorney

    Could your dreams of enjoying Spain, its climate and lifestyle, be taken over by a series of unfortunate events?

  • 7 answers to 7 questions – making a Spanish will

    7 answers to 7 questions – making a Spanish will

    It’s a difficult but very important subject. We recommend to all our clients that at some point they make a Will in Spain, even if they have made provision in their home country. Here we list some frequently asked questions to help you take that step forward when contemplating making a Spanish will.

  • The importante of making a Spanish Will

    The importante of making a Spanish Will

    Spanish Wills are considered by many as not important due to having one in their home country, however, having dealt with inheritances in Spain for many years, we highly recommend signing a Spanish Will, even if just for your peace of mind.



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